The international art project "Art Show in Ankara" will be held on two popular venues of Ankara. The works of participants will be presented:
1) in the Jumhuriet Exhibition Hall 
Address: Güzeltepe Mahallesi, Abidin Daver Sokak No: 14 Çankaya/Ankara
2) in the Exhibition Hall of the Russian Embassy in the Russian House in Ankara
Address: Hilal, Rabindranath Tagore Caddesi, 66 Çankaya/Ankara


Works submitted to the project have a cost, will be placed in popular visited spaces,  and can be sold. Art lovers in Turkey are interested in buying works from Russian artists.


Works presented at the International Project "Art Show in Ankara" take part not only in the exhibition, but also in the competition program. The works (both personal participation and remote participation) are assessed by well-known Turkish artists, as well as artists, art critics and art producers from several foreign countries.

Forms of participation

Personal (in-person) participation
You deliver and submit your art objects to the exhibition site in person. 

The personal presence throughout the exhibition is not required. During the exhibition all authors can participate in the program organized by the organizing committee. After completion of the project, the works submitted in-person have to be taken back by authors. 

Distance participation
The organizing committee brings the works to the exhibition.

You register either the originals or copies and deliver them to the organizing committee office in Moscow. We'll handle all the necessary documentation work and transport your art to the exhibition site. 

Remote participation
You send us the photos of your works and the we print them.

The organizing committee prints the files you sent to the email: info@artshow.asia. Photocopies will be exhibited on the wall along with the originals and published in the catalog. 

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Classical art (copies / replica)

Works that are based on motifs or pure copies of famous masters from the 16th to 20th centuries.

Traditional art

Works reflecting the world as it is in the traditional sense

Symbolic art

Works representing the world and forms of intellectual activity in symbolic images

Avant-garde and contemporary art

Works inspired by 20th century avant-garde trends

Registration procedure 

Step 1

Choose your preferred form of participation: PERSONAL, DISTANCE or REMOTE.
All participants have equal rights and are assessed on the same 10-point scale, regardless of the form of participation in the project.

Step 2

Prepare photos of works from 1 to 20 MB in .jpg or .tiff, and fill out the registration form. 
The organizing committee reviews the works and invites to participate, sending a payment link to the author’s email.

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Step 3

Pay the registration fee. After paying the registration fee you will receive a receipt of payment on your e-mail address.


After we receive the receipt, the work is allowed to the exhibition and competition. 

Step 4

In-person participation: bring your works to the exhibition venue in Ankara
Distance participation: send your works via any transportation company or bring them to the Moscow organizing committee office personally.
Remote participation: subscribe to the social network of the project and wait for the results

Registration and accreditations

Press release

Rules and regulations

Cost of participation


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Key information

Exhibition dates:  February 20-27, 2024
Registration deadline: until February 13, 2024

The Exhibition hall of the Russian Embassy - Russian House in Ankara
Venue: Hilal, Rabindranath Tagore Caddesi, 66 Çankaya/Ankara

The Organizing Committee previews the works by the photo images sent. All works registered within the specified time and confirmed by the organizing committee will be exhibited and will participate in the competition program, except for:

a) Works violating social norms adopted in Turkey or Russia;
b) Political-themed works;
c) Works in any way offensive to religious feelings and personality.

The decision of the Organizing Committee regarding the above exceptions is final and will not be discussed.


You bring the original to Ankara and submit to the exhibition on February 13, 2024 (10AM-3PM at: Hilal, Rabindranath Tagore Caddesi, 66 Çankaya/Ankara).


You prepare and deliver the works to the organizing committee office in Moscow. We'll handle all the necessary documentation work and transport your art to the exhibition site. 

3) REMOTE PARTICIPATION (photocopies):

Send us the files in good resolution (from 1 Mb to 15 Mb, width - at least 1980 px), we'll print and place them in the exhibition. Thus, remote participation is an exhibition of reproductions (photocopies) of works of art printed from the author’s files. 
We can print the files in A3, A2 and A1. 

We accept authors from 16 y.o. and older

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Time left to register for the project: